Malolos: Barasoain Church

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Barasoain Church has earned the title “Cradle of Democracy in the East”. Several important events took place in this Church, one of which is the inaguration of the First Philippine Republic.

Bulacan is just an hour away from North EDSA, so we decided to set our eyes on the Church that we just saw from history books and heard from our history classes way back.

To get there via commute from Trinoma, look for the Malolos signage in the UV Express Terminal and ask the driver to drop you off at Malolos crossing. Fare is P65. If coming from another location, follow the directions here

From Malolos crossing, ride a jeepney with the sign board “derecho” or “derecho bayan” and ask the driver to drop you off at Barasoain Church. Fare is P7.


Masses are held twice a day on Monday to Saturday, at 6am and 6pm. On Sundays, it is every hour from 6am to 12noon. The masses in the afternoon are at 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Check the mass schedules here

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At the right side of the Church, you will find the entrance to the museum. The usual rules in museums apply: no flash photography, no touching of the artifacts, among others. You can find the list as you enter the first “bulwagan”.

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There is no entrance fee to the museum, just a donation. The museum was well-maintained, informative and amazing. They even have copies of the constitutions through the years, from Apolinario Mabini’s handwritten proposal to the Malolos constitution until the 1987 constitution. Truly, Malolos has played an important part in our history.

To go back to Manila, ride a jeep that will take you to Malolos crossing, then ride a UV express bound for Manila on the opposite side of where you were dropped off earlier. Hope you will find this useful. Happy trip!

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