Davao: Malagos Garden Resort

One thing you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Davao is the Malagos Garden Resort, a nature-themed park and an accredited wildlife farm.

I initially wanted to write a detailed account of what I saw and did at the Malagos Garden Resort, but thought that it wouldn’t be good to spoil you. After all, what made it fun was the adventure, of discovering things I didn’t know I’d find.

Processed with VSCO
Facade of the resort

Of all the various attractions (more than 10), my favorites were the bird feeding dome, butterfly sanctuary and the Museo de Mariposa.

And oh! Don’t forget to try the Malagos chocolate which you can buy at their restaurant. Their dark chocolates are made from single-origin quality Trinitario beans grown in the foothills of Mt. Talomo, Davao. The construction of the Chocolate Museum was still on-going when I went there.

Entrance fee is P100 and you will be given a map of the 12-hectare resort. I went there via hired vehicle. You may check this article for directions on how to get there. Hope you have fun just like I did. Enjoy!

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